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Atechnology is a development agency. We can provide support during the entire lifespan of a product, from conceptualisation to promotion and production.

The first step is an exploratory conversation. We discuss the proposed product with you, identifying potential opportunities and obstacles. We then translate your requests into a product proposal, which includes the development methodology, relevant standards, project time span, packaging, delivery and expected costs.

On the basis of your feedback, we start development and keep you updated about progress. We deliver an operational product, which we will validate with you. Thereafter, the product will be CE-approvad by a reputable testing house. Depending upon your product requirements, other tests are also carried out at this point.

Simultaneously, we give shape to the production and distribution process. Relevant parties receive the delivery dates and the first delivery is scheduled.

  • We start with an exploratory conversation
  • We make a Product Proposal
  • We start the development
  • We keep our client updated about the progress
  • We deliver the product
  • We do tests